MyFamilySafePlace Bunkers

A tailor-made structured “Bunker” to safeguard human existence during the times of apocalypse. These bunkers would be the safest place during the time of doomsday, chemical wars, nuclear warfare, biological attacks, and earthquakes.

What are these “Bunkers are made of? By keeping the worst act of nature and human himself in mind, these (20x10, 40x10) rectangle-shaped bunkers contain 6’’MS sheets for the durability with 3M anti-corrosion paint to protect the structure from “Zinc”, 6’’ structural channels, NBC(Nuclear Biological Chemical) air filtration system from Switzerland, Inbuilt Blast doors, Off-grid (electricity) capabilities.

When it comes to the certification, these bunkers are certified by “Swiss” and IDF- Isreal Defence Force.

These bunkers are built to survive the worst and have 10 years of material warranty, 10 years warranty on shelter, a 1-year warranty on anti-corrosion paint, snd 5 years of manufacturer guarantee on NBC filters.


  • Wine Cellar/Food Storage
  • Vault (Storing Valuable)
  • Gun Room, Ammunition Storage
  • NBC Shelter
  • Store
  • Library
  • Bulletproof
  • Anti-Corrosion Paint


The installation isn’t that complex as it seems. The time depends on the space but on average, it takes 2-3 days to (dig out), the container would take a maximum of 1 week to reach. Overall, it takes 3 weeks to complete all the installation process for your alternative home.